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Tiling Guides


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As with most jobs, proper preparation is the key to success and is essential if you want to avoid even the possibility of having to do all or part of it again! So, do your homework, prepare thoroughly and don’t rush into anything until you’re sure you know exactly what your plan of action is and how you’re going to carry it out. MORE

Tile Choice

When planning any tiling project, the first task for you to do is select the appropriate tiles. The type of tiles you select will depend on the surface you are tiling. The sort you use on the floor is unlikely to be the same as those you would choose to use on the walls. Tiles that are slippery, particularly when wet, should be avoided for use on floors. The type of room to be tiled is also likely to affect the choice. MORE…

Tiling Tools

Whether you are a professional or have a DIY tiling project, you will need the correct equipment. A good set of tools, coupled with your skills, will ensure a high standard of work. Modern tiling tools ensure professionals and amateur DIY enthusiasts are able to achieve great results. The important thing is to purchase only good quality tools; cheap equipment invariably results in inferior work. MORE…


If you are thinking about tiling walls or floors you will first need to plan the task properly. There are several things to be taken into account, such as the dimensions of the area to be tiled, the size of the tiles to be used any regulations that may be applicable and something that should not be overlooked, safety. MORE…

Adhesives & Grout

When tiling walls and floors the tiles have to have firmly affixed, using an adhesive, before being grouted. The word adhesive is an all-inclusive term, which includes any substance that can hold materials together, such as cement, glue and paste. Various types of adhesive can be used in tiling; the one you choose will depend largely on where you are tiling and the size of the tiles. MORE…

Levelling & Battening

An essential part of any tiling job, when it comes to producing the sort of finish that makes a piece of tiling into a high quality wall or floor finish, levelling and battening is vitally important. When dealing with a tiled floor, for example, a smooth and level surface can make a big difference in a situation such as a bathroom, where it is easily possible to slip or stub a toe if the floor is less than perfectly levelled or if tiles are less than perfectly aligned. MORE…

Cutting & Drilling

When it comes to getting a piece of tiling to fit correctly when doing the work yourself, a skilled approach to tile cutting and drilling is one that is very important in achieving the professional result you are looking for in the finished product. MORE…

The Tiling Process

There is a well known adage that says a job that is well planned is a job that is already half done and this is certainly true when tiling walls and floors. Good advance planning is essential if a professional finish is to be achieved. MORE…


The tiling process is not finished when the tiles have been fixed on the wall or floor. After they have been fixed in place with adhesive, with spacers in between them to ensure that the correct gap between them is maintained, grouting needs to be added to the whole section of tiling to finish off the task. MORE…