About Us

Formed in 2009, Suretile Ltd was set up to further develop, produce and sell a brand new range of innovative, problem-solving tiling tools invented by its two owners, Mark Sykes and Martin Hemingway. Although the tools were initially conceived and partially developed independently, a chance meeting lead to the current collaboration which is now achieving commercial traction.


Mark Sykes

A Surveyor by profession, Mark invented the MULTI-TOOL about 4 years ago, the inspiration being a 'less than perfect' professional tiling job he'd had done at home, together with all the terrible tiling he's seen as a surveyor.
"I just felt that here had to be some tools on the market that helped tilers make a better job of it. Well, there weren't, but there are now!"


 Martin Hemingway

Martin has an engineering background and Martin's invention, the TileTracker, was developed predominantly for the building trade and arose from his own experiences in the industry in which he has been working for 25 years. Martin began developing the TileTracker while working as a fitter for B&Q – and coming across problems fitting tiles in houses hit by flooding. “The traditional way of doing it wasn’t working,” he said. “I already had a few ideas in my mind, so I developed a TileTracker for my own use. My colleagues were so impressed with it that they suggested I make some more.”