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The 50 ProSpacer 'Really Helpful' Tiling Kit

Brand: Suretile
Product Code: 5060235230288
Price: £12.95 Ex Tax: £10.79

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The 'Really Helpful' tiling kit is not like other tiling kits because it gives you the tools to do a better job and to help you avoid making all the usual mistakes. Including our unique 'Uniplug' tile spacers to hold your tiling better, The multifuntional Multi-tool to help you avoid mistakes etc and the J-HOOK to correct uneven tiles.


1 x MULTI-TOOLThe tiler's "Swiss Army knife"!

The unique and innovative new Multi-Tool from Suretile is the ultimate multifunction tiling tool designed to ensure that what can go wrong with your tiling project - DOESN'T go wrong and to help you avoid the usual mistakes. With a useful eyelet for convenient carrying, the Multi-Tool is a must-have companion for any tiling job - DIY or professional.Functions:

■Innovative depth gauge for even tiling
■Levelling guide Unique adhesive/spacer remover/grout line clearer
■Finishes grout smoothly (2 sizes)
■Highlights raised tile edges for correction
■Properly aligns corner intersections
■Spaces tiles evenly
■Always to hand





Simple but effective for minor adjustments

Adjusting uneven tiles isn't as easy as it sounds unless you have the right tool. A screwdriver or the edge of your trowel can damage your tiles or disrupt the level of adjacent tiles. The TILE LIFTER, however, is inserted between the tiles and behind the tile needing adjustment so that adjacent tiles aren't disturbed. And if you use the MULTI-TOOL as a backstop, you can easily tell when your tiles are flush for a perfect finish.


​100% re-usable and easy to handle
The problems with traditional tile spacers -

■they're fiddly, slow and awkward to use
■they're wasteful - you have to buy hundreds, a lot of which you'll never use
■they're not very environmentally friendly because some get left under the tiling
■they're not very strong, particularly with large format tiles
■they don't align and space your tiles round corners
■you're unlikely to re-use them

Well, now there's a refreshingly simple alternative in the UNIPLUG.
■inclusive design - with users of all ages in mind
■easy to handle and use therefore quicker
■100% re-usable, saving you money
■only buy and use what you need - no waste
■environmentally friendly - don't get left in the tiling
■very strong
■UNIQUELY space and align your tiles round corners.
■one pack of 20 spacers is enough to lay approx 25 wall tiles - more than enough for one session
■removable, therefore compliant with BS5385 - 'uniformity of grout depth'



"I've been busy using items purchased and can report back that multi tool, tile puller and spacers are great. Especially impressed with spacers when tiling floor as they stay in place and I intend to purchase more items."
 Many thanks, Martin (Manchester)

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