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Multi-tool - The Tiler's 'Swiss Army Knife'!

Brand: Suretile
Product Code: Multi-tool
Price: £4.95 Ex Tax: £4.13

The unique and innovative new Multi-Tool from Suretile is the ultimate multifunction tiling tool designed to help you avoid the usual mistakes.

Tilers the world over keep making the same mistakes:

  • Off-level tiles,
  • Uneven tiles,
  • Misaligned tiles,
  • Uncleared grout lines,
  • Badly finished grouting,


  • They don't check their tiling often enough or carefully enough,
  • They don't have the right tools to check,
  • They don't have the right tools to correct mistakes,

Now you've got no excuse!

With a useful eyelet for convenient carrying, the Multi-Tool is a must-have companion for any tiling job - DIY or professional.


  • Innovative depth gauge for even tiling
  • Levelling guide (accuracy not guaranteed)
  • Unique adhesive/spacer remover/grout line clearer
  • Finishes grout smoothly (2 sizes)
  • Highlights raised tile edges for correction
  • Properly aligns corner intersections
  • Spaces tiles evenly
  • Always to hand

It's particularly important to lay the first tile perfectly evenly and the depth gauge function (fins) of the Multi-tool will help to ensure that the tile is laid to a consistently even depth. Generally, the 10mm fin is for walls and the 15mm fin is for floors.

The fins of the Multi-tool can also be used to check the spacing between tiles. (2mm and 4mm)

You can quickly identify an uneven tile using the edges of the Multi-tool. If there's a gap under the edge, then the tile needs adjusting before the adhesive sets.

The 2mm and 4mm cross spacers on the sides of the multi-tool can also be used to align the grout lines correctly at tile intersections.

Before grouting, it's important to make sure the grout lines are clear of adhesive, spacers, debris etc so that a full depth of grout can be inserted and the adhesive remover on the Multi-tool is perfect for the job. And if you slip, you won't scratch a tile!

When you've inserted the grout, the grout finisher on the Multi-tool will give you a nice smooth finish for a professional look. There are two sizes, one for narrow grout lines and one for wide lines.

ABS Acrylonitrile Butadene Styrene
# 1 Levelling Guide
# 2 Depth Gauge
# 3 Identifies uneven tiles
# 4 Alignment adjuster
# 5 2mm & 4mm spacer fins
# 6 Adhesive removal tool
# 7 Grout finishing tool (2 sizes)

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