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J-HOOK - Tile Adjuster/Drill Core Ejector/Cable Claw

Brand: Suretile
Product Code: J-HOOK
Price: £3.95 Ex Tax: £3.29

Adjusting uneven tiles isn't as easy as it sounds unless you have the right tiling tool. A screwdriver or the edge of your trowel can damage your tiles or disrupt the level of adjacent tiles.

The TILE ADJUSTER, however, is inserted between the tiles and behind the tile needing adjustment so that adjacent tiles aren't disturbed. And if you use the MULTI-TOOL as a backstop, you can easily tell when your tiles are flush for a perfect finish. The J-HOOK can also be used as a Drill core ejector and cable/wire extractor.

"As a professional tiler I am always looking for gadgets to make my life easier - this is one of them. It's great for adjusting tiles that have been pushed 'in' too far. It's also handy for removing spacers that are slightly proud, prior to grouting." Andrew.


Tile Adjuster/Drill Core Ejector/Cable Claw   


DRILL CORE EJECTOR - the J-HOOK used to easily clear tile etc cores from drill bits.

drill core ejector 1   drill core ejector 2

CABLE CLAW - the J-HOOK is great for 'winkling' cables and wires from tight, awkward spaces.

cable claw pulling wires and cables from tight spaces

ABS Acrylonitrile Butadene Styrene

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