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50 Pack 'Uniplug' ProSpacer™ - Premium, Heavy Duty Tile Spacers | 2mm, 3mm or 4mm

Brand: Suretile
Product Code: 50 'Uniplug' Tile Spacer
Price: £6.95 Ex Tax: £5.79

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Today's popular large format tiles demand solid, reliable spacers to hold them firmly in place. Tiles are heavy things and the last thing you need is your spacers bending or twisting under the weight. Also, one of the most important parts of tiling is the grout because, apart from the tiles, this is the only thing stopping damp penetration. But the grout will tend to crack and break up where any spacers have been left in because it won't be deep enough. Besides, leaving spacers in is not environmentally friendly. So, you need a spacer that's strong, tough, easy to use and can't get left in place and the 'Uniplug' ProSpacer is exactly that. What's more, it's reusable! There's no doubt that using the right tools will give you a better job.

The 'Uniplug' ProSpacer™ is a refreshingly simple alternative to traditional tile spacers.

  1. inclusive design - with users of all ages in mind,
  2. easy to handle and use therefore quicker,
  3. re-usable, saving you money,
  4. only buy and use what you need - no waste,
  5. environmentally friendly - don't get left in the tiling,
  6. very strong,
  7. UNIQUELY space and align your tiles round corners,
  8. one 'Uniplug' spacer equivalent to FOUR peg spacers.
  9. removable, therefore compliant with BS5385 - 'uniformity of grout depth'

The problems with traditional tile spacers -

  • they're fiddly, slow and awkward to use
  • they're wasteful - you have to buy hundreds, a lot of which you'll never use
  • they're not very environmentally friendly because some get left under the tiling
  • they're not very strong, particularly with large format tiles
  • they don't align and space your tiles round corners
  • you're unlikely to re-use them

"Fantastic product, I usually guess the gap because normal spacers are rubbish, these very nearly make tiling a pleasure."
ebay buyer


premium, heavy duty tile spacers - instructions     premium, heavy duty tile spacers space and align round corners

brickwork effect using premium heavy duty tile spacers  premium heavy duty prospacer tile spacers in use  premium heavy duty prospacer tile spacers in use

tta tiler of the year uses premium heavy duty prospacer tile spacers


2mm Yellow
4mm Blue
ABS Polypropylene
mm (metric) 2mm, 3mm & 4mm
20 spacers Enough to lay approx 25 tiles or approx 4.5M2 of 300mm x 600mm tiles.

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