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Machinemart, one of the UK's largest tools retailers, have now listed our range of innovatve, problem-solving, time-saving wall and floor tiling tools and tile spacers on their website. We're proud to have been given this exciting opportunity which we hope will be a success. To see our products on the website, go to

It's now been over a year since Home Depot confirmed that they'd like our product range to be listed on their website and, AT LAST, they're 'live' on the website. The Americans refer to listing products on a website as 'onboarding'! Unfortunately, this process takes forever but we've got there eventually.

Home Depot is possibly the largest DIY store chain in the world with approximately 2200 stores! Now, that's a LOT. so, we're delighted to be on there.

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To compliment our existing 2mm and 4mm tile spacers, our 3mm tile spacer has just been added to our range of innovative wall and floor tiling tools.

Today's popular large format tiles demand solid, reliable spacers to hold them firmly in place. Tiles are heavy things and the last thing you need is your spacers ben

Screwfix held their Screwfix 'Live' trade show on the 12th, 13th and 14th which was a well organised event at an excellent venue, Event City in Manchester adjacent to the Trafford Centre. Suretile were invited onto the Vitrex stand for the event to display the innovative Tiletracker wall tile battening system. Vitrex, the global tiling tools manufacturer and distributor, are one of the distributors promoting the Suretile range of problem-solving, time-saving wall and floor

David Stott, winner of the Tile Association 2013 ‘Tiler of the Year’ award now uses Suretile’s innovative wall and floor tile spacers and would recommend them to all tilers, Professional and D.I.Y. david stott award David first started using Suretile ProSpacers abo


Ideal Shopping Direct who run the Ideal World shopping channel on TV are giving Suretile an hour long show in their prime time DIY Sunday slot.