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Screwfix held their Screwfix 'Live' trade show on the 12th, 13th and 14th which was a well organised event at an excellent venue, Event City in Manchester adjacent to the Trafford Centre. Suretile were invited onto the Vitrex stand for the event to display the innovative Tiletracker wall tile battening system. Vitrex, the global tiling tools manufacturer and distributor, are one of the distributors promoting the Suretile range of problem-solving, time-saving wall and floor

dot and dab.jpgTo dot’n dab or not to dot’n dab,
that is the question!                    


Believe it or not, there is a British Standard (BS) relating to wall and floor tiling. BS

TILE SPACERS – A CLOSER LOOK.                    


The main purpose of tile spacers, whether they're being used on walls or floors, but particularly on walls, is to hold your tiles in the correct position whilst the tile adhesive sets. And, of course, they also maintain a c


Tiling over existing tiles can save a lot of work, but it can also create problems!

Picture this – Your partner has finally ‘persuaded’ you to re-vamp your bathroom, including all the tiling, a job you’ve been promising faithfully to do for six months (and the rest).

So, you’re thinking, “This is

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