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Tiletracker 'DIY SPECIAL' Wall Tiling Batten set + FREE 'Handy-Tool Pack!

Brand: Suretile
Product Code: Tiletracker DIY SPECIAL
Price: £39.95 Ex Tax: £33.29


The Tiletracker is designed to set the first row of tiles (2 rows max). Do not overload the Tiletracker (max 40kg including adhesive). Re-check levels once loaded with tiles.




The Tiletracker is a free-standing, fully adjustable alternative to traditional timber wall tile battens. It's strong, but lightweight, capable of fine adjustment for perfect level and will support large format tiles. Requiring no fixing, nailing or screwing, the Tiletracker can be ready to use in 2 minutes, will last for years and helps you set that important first row of tiles quickly and easily.



  1. Manufactured from T6 Architectural strength aluminium.
  2. Finely adjustable - the M10 threaded leg allows for fine adjustment for perfect level.
  3. Unique 10mm upstand to keep your tiling flat.
  4. Very strong, but lightweight box section extrusion.
  5. 300mm legs (NOW AVAILABLE: Leg Extension Kit to increase leg length to 600mm for large formats etc)
  6. 50mm Rotating feet for easier adjustment.
  7. Anti-slip pads on feet that also protect baths/shower trays etc.​
  8. Tiletracker lengths can be joined together with the clamps.
  9. Use as a straight-edge on floors.
  10. Can be used upside down (without upstand) for mosaics etc
  11. The fixing holes in the feet can be used for added stability.



  1. Fast set up time - can be ready to use in 2 minutes.
  2. Cuts wall tiling time by up to 25% - sometimes more.
  3. Complete jobs quicker.
  4. If you're a PRO tiler, do more jobs/earn more income.
  5. If you're a DIY tiler, tile confidently off a solid, reliable base.
  6. Save money on timber battens.
  7. Save time not having to go and buy timber battens.
  8. Save money on fuel not having to go and buy timber battens.
  9. Avoid very expensive mistakes like drilling/nailing through pipes, cables, dampproof membranes etc.
  10. No sagging timber battens/slipped tiles.
  11. No struggling to find a solid wall fixing.
  12. No tools needed to set up - just a spirit level.
  13. Will last for years.
  14. Looks professional.​
  15. Extendable - you can add different lengths and more legs to your set as required.
  16. Tile with confidence.
  17. Helps you set the important first row of tiles quickly and easily.


1 x .75M Tiletracker length
1 x .5M Tiletracker length
1 x .25M Tiletracker length
4 x M10 threaded 300mm legs with rotating feet
4 x glass-filled Nylon clamps
4 x Easy grip Wingknob handles
4 x locking nuts
4 x anti-slip pads

FREE 'Handy-Tool' pack including the unique Multi-tool multifunctional tiling tool plus a J-HOOK tile adjuster, drill core ejector.



1 - When you've decided on the size of the cut (tile) down to the bath, shower tray, floor or skirting board, set up the Tiletracker to approximately the correct height. Place against the wall ensuring that the legs are vertical and the back edge is flat against it. The fixing holes in the feet can be used for added stability.
2 - Now adjust and level the Tiletracker precisely bracing the leg whilst turning the knob.
3 - After you've spread the adhesive (not shown) place the tile onto the Tiletracker in front of the upstand.
4 - Now press the tile into the adhesive and check that it's laid evenly using the depth gauge function of the Multi-tool.
5 - As each tile is laid place a 'Uniplug' tile spacer at the corners for perfect spacing.

The Tiletracker In Detail
Tiletracker wall tiling battens have some great features to make them user friendly

Easy Grip Handle

The Tiletracker is fully and
finely adjustable
for perfect level.

Strong Nylon Clamp

The glass-filled Nylon
clamp holds/joins
Tiletracker lengths firmly.

Rotating Foot

A 50mm rotating foot
with two fixing holes
provides a solid base
for the 300mm leg.

Anti-Slip Pad

Holds the legs in position
and also protects bath
and shower surfaces.

The Tiletracker is a great, value for money investment for any tiler, Professional or DIY

Fast Set Up Time

Easier, Faster Wall Tiling = More Jobs = More Income

Top Quality Wall Tiling Battens


Your tiling is about to get a whole lot easier AND quicker if you use Tiletracker wall tiling battens. You can cut your set up time by up to 25% (sometimes more) and you'll save on timber battens costs, journey times buying them and fuel. And the Tiletracker will last for years.


Made of Architectural strength aluminium, the Tiletracker is lightweight but very strong with an impressive maximum recommended load of 40kg to support even the largest format tiles. With anti-slip pads on rotating feet and 300mm legs, the Tiletracker is versatile and user friendly.

Save On Fuel And Timber

No more time wasting, wasted journeys to buy timber battens

Avoid Expensive Disasters

No chance of drilling or nailing through pipes, cables or dampproof membranes

Tools needed to put up a timber batten compared to those needed to put up the Tiletracker.  
The Tiletracker


Timber battens

Tools needed to put up a timber batten compared to those needed to put up the Tiletracker.



"I would just like to congratulate you on a truly fantastic product, I have now been using your Tiletracker for about four months and it does just what it says on the box, it's great, quick, simple and easy to use. But then, aren't all the best ideas the most simple and make people say why didn't I think of that. I have just started using your tile spacers as well - they are so easy to use and not fiddly. Thanks again and keep up the good work." David Hudson - Aquaquest Plumbing.



The Tiletracker is very easy to set up. Just assemble the legs, clamp them onto the tiletracker wall tile battens and adjust the height. No fixing is required so you don't need extra tools and you can be ready to tile in 2 minutes!

The Tiletracker is lightweight, very strong and manufactured to a high quality from extruded box section aluminium. It won't sag or warp like timber battens and it'll last for years. The Tiletracker is a product you can rely on.

Because no fixing, drilling, screwing or nailing is required to set up the Tiletracker, there's no danger of damaging electric cables which could cause injury/blown fuses etc: And there's no chance of puncturing a water pipe either - avoiding messy, expensive repairs.

It's very bad building practice to damage or puncture a dampproof membrane or vapour barrier etc: And in some countries it even contravenes the regulations. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to do with timber battens.

The varied lengths of Tiletracker wall tile battens and the ability to join pieces together makes them very versatile for most situations.

Aluminium Tiletracker lengths are made of strong, lightweight, box section aluminium.
Tiletracker Lengths
1.5M Set .25M, .5M & .75M
2.25M Set 2 x .75M, 1 x .5M & 1 x .25M
# Legs
1.5M Set 4
2.25M Set 5
Load Weight
Max. Load 30kg

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