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suretile tiling tools now available at

tiletracker 'speed' set of wall tiling battens

The Tiletracker 'SPEED' set
is now available from -

  • 1.5M x 1
  • .75M x 1
  • LEGS x 4

Perfect for longer tiling runs
and over baths etc.



Tile Spacers

Solid, Reliable Tile Spacers to hold Large Tiles.Tile Spacers that Align Around Corners to make Your Tiling Easier, Faster & Better. Tile Spacers for Walls & Floors.

Our distinctive yellow tile spacers are the best tile spacers for any tiling job including tiling a bathroom. Big tile spacers are easier to use and our premium, heavy duty, Uniplug plastic tile spacers are reusable and cost-effective. Spacers for tiles on floors are generally 4mm and tile spacers for wall tiling are 2mm, both perfect for tiling a bathroom
PLUS - The Multi-tool not only has a number of different functions, including spacers for tiles, but will also help you avoid or correct some of the usual floor and wall tiling mistakes. The J-HOOK is great for adjusting uneven tiles without damaging or disrupting adjacent tiles and our unique 'Uniplug’ premium, heavy duty tile spacers make the job much easier and will space and align your tiles round corners for perfect floor and wall tiling.

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Suretile Premium Heavy Duty ProSpacer tile spacers are designed for all types of floor and wall tiling.

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