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The SURETILE range of floor and wall tiling tools.

Ceramic Tiling Tools, Porcelain Tiling Tools, Tiling Tools for floor and wall tiling, Diamond Drill Bits. Our innovative range of problem-solving Tiling Tools and tiling tool products gives you a fresh, new opportunity to buy premium quality tiling tools, tiling tool supplies and tiling accessories that will make your wall and floor tiling and drilling holes in tiles easier, faster and better.

floor and wall tiling tools Strong, reliable, heavy duty, premium tile spacers that will hold even the heaviest tiles. The 'Uniplug' tile spacer will also space and align grout lines when placed in a horizontal position. Perfect tiling tools for floor and wall tiling.
tiling tools for tiling walls without timber battens The unique 'Tiletracker' wall tile batten system is free-standing, fully adjustable and very strong. No more nailing/drilling/screwing/sagging/warping/packing/twisting/slipping! A quick and easy solution to tiling walls with the right tiling tools
tiling tools for wall and floor tiling The multifunctional 'Multi-tool' tiling tool incorporates an adhesive remover, tile spacers, unique depth gauge, levelling guide, alignment adjuster, evenness checker and grout finisher. It's the 'swiss army knife' of tiling tools and makes wall and floor tiling less of a stress.
ceramic wall and floor tiling tools Adjusting uneven tiles isn't easy without disrupting or damaging adjacent tiles. However, the J-HOOK Tile Adjuster makes it easy - it's a tiling tool for floor and wall tiling. Other uses include diamond drill bit core removal after drilling through tiles. It's the simplest of tiling tools, but very effective.
tiling tools for drilling holes in tiles with diamond drill bits Top quality diamond drill bits to easily drill holes in tiles. Lasts longer than many core drill bits and has a patented guide plate to eliminate pilot holes for effortless drilling into tiles. A valuable addition to your tiling tools.


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To dot’n dab or not to dot’n dab, that is the question!

Believe it or not, there is a British Standard (BS) relating to wall and floor tiling. BS5385 says that the tile adhesive should be spread fully over the wall or floor in small sections so that tiles are fixed before the adhesive forms a skin. The tiles should then be pressed and twisted into position ensuring full contact with the adhesive and breaking any skin that may have formed. But not a lot of people know this, including some tilers! Essentially, this standard means that, ideally, there should be 100% adhesive coverage. Dotting and dabbing the adhesive in lumps, however, means that coverage could be as little as 50% or even less. So, here are the main reasons why tile adhesive should NEVER be dotted and dabbed.

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